VideoOut Productions

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LGBTQ stories must be inclusive…

When we watch the movies and television shows that tell stories of LGBTQ people, we do not see the breadth and depth of the LGBTQ community represented. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer people need to see those that look like them - with similar lived experiences - starring in leading roles. They need to know that the movies made about them are made with them.

VideoOut Productions is committed to including LGBTQ folks in every part of the process, from concepting, writing, directing, casting, editing, production, promotion, and beyond. Our motto is:

Nothing about us, without us!

VideoOut Productions will lean on the experience of the nonprofit work of VideoOut - traveling the country to collect LGBTQ stories - to amplify those stories in the form of television shows, documentaries, and feature length films. Every production is committed to a cast and crew that is at least 51% LGBTQ. Furthermore, our cast and crew must also be at least 51% non-white and non-cis male. Our commitment stems from a desire to create an entertainment culture that fully embodies inclusivity and equity.

If we continue working within the systems already established, we will continue achieving the same results - movies and television shows that neglect marginalized communities.

VideoOut Productions is set to film its first production in November 2018. It’s a semi-scripted conversation that views topics - like gun control, Broadway, women’s rights, design and technology, and the Supreme Court - through an LGBTQ lens. Every episode is a different topic and is structured like a dinner party. Each course is another conversation point (the appetizer is a smaller prompt than the entree, for instance). There are six chairs at the table, and there will be four consistent cast members for every episode. The last two chairs are rotating. Each episode will feature a different drag queen or queer celebrity in one chair, and a topical expert in the other chair.

Stay tuned! VideoOut Productions is set to launch publicly in 2019.