SpeakOut at Brooklyn Brewery 

June 27th 6 pm to 10 pm Brooklyn Brewery, 79 N 11th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

“SpeakOut is an evening of LGBTQ+ storytelling. It's a place where a group of storytellers share in front of a live audience. It's a gathering where you can collectively celebrate what it means to be LGBTQ+ in your city. It's magical! And I think that's because we are all there to support and be supported. It's an event that proves we are a community of loving, thoughtful people.”

— Jordan Reeves, Founder of VideoOut

SpeakOut is structured like a stage show. There's two acts and an intermission.

Usually, two or three speakers will share for 10 minutes each in the first act. Then, the remaining speakers will share in the second act. During intermission, grab a drink and a snack and meet some people you don't yet know.

Then, different than a stage show is one of the most special parts of the evening — the part that comes after all the storytellers have shared. A social hour where we all get to mingle with each other. It's a chance to meet the storytellers, reflect on what we've just heard, and hope and dream together in solidarity for a better future.

The event will take place at The Taproom at Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg.

The event will take place at The Taproom at Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg.

Or, simply stated, it's a great excuse to meet other queers in your community.

So, reserve a ticket. Come with your friends. Be prepared to open your heart as your neighbors share stories of what it means to them to be queer.


Here are some examples of storytellers at past SpeakOut events: