Name Tags with Pronouns The point of Kindness Party is to get to know your neighbors. This will help us call each other by name and use the correct pronouns. Not everyone goes by he/him or she/her. Some people are gender non-conforming and use pronouns that are not gender specific, like they/them. It’s very important to use the correct pronouns when talking with or about a person.

Food and Drinks Shake Shack will be doling out frozen custard (a special flavor not available anywhere else in NYC). Whole Foods and Essentia Water will be keeping us stocked with scrumptious snacks and delicious beverages.

Story Slam That Features You There will be a designated spot for all our story tellers in the crowd. Step up and share what’s on your heart, how you love to spread kindness, or what you think about community. We’re all ears, and the mic is yours!

Community Prompts There’s lots to ponder, and we’ll have a place to do that. There will be designated spaces for anyone in the community to join a small group to talk about important questions. Paper, pens, and art supplies will be provided. Get creative in the way you capture your conversations!

Dance Party DJ Mia Moretti is creating a special playlist just for Kindness Party called What To Listen To When You're Spreading Kindness. We’ll have the music turned up and the dance floor ready! Wear your dancing shoes and get ready to show us your best moves.

Humans of Kindness Party Have a story to tell? We want to hear it. Our stories and the real faces behind them are what make us who we are. Let’s collect and share them! Step right up and get your picture taken. Then, write your story. We’ll publish your picture and your story on VideoOut’s blog.

Letter Writing to LGBTQ Folk in Prison As “free world” allies, let’s write letters to our LGBTQ family who are in prison. These will be messages of love and support aimed at spreading kindness and hope.

The Giveaways Table and The Kindness Pact There will be a Giveaway Table that functions like a raffle. To enter, all you must do is fill out The Kindness Pact and participate in the Kindness Party activities. The pact asks every community member to commit to two things: spreading kindness and combatting hatred. We’ll draw winners throughout the party!

Fill the Street: A Sidewalk Chalk Challenge Let your inner artist free. We want to fill the entire street – the whole thing – with chalk art that focuses on kindness, our relationship with our neighbors, and our hope for the future of our community. This idea is inspired by Dallas Clayton.

Community Secrets We all have a fantasy about our community. Or maybe it’s a secret you would never tell anyone, but you really want to get it out there. All you have to do is write your secret on a card and put it in the Community Secrets box. We’ll unveil all the answers via the VideoOut blog.

Neighbor Directory Two things are true about our neighbors: it’s difficult to let everyone know what’s going on, and our neighbors are a resource we should all be able to tap into. The Neighborhood Directory is an improvement on the old-school phone book. Each entry will list a neighbor’s name, the best way to contact them, and a skill that they want to learn and one that they can share with others.

In Order To Feel Safe Wall Along the fence that borders S 3rd Street and Berry Playground, we’re asking everyone to fill in a blank that answers one question: “What do you need in order to feel safe in your community?” Your answers will hang on the fence as a visual representation of our ideas and concerns about community safety. This idea is inspired by Candy Chang.

Policing Free Community Care Task Force We are working with NYPD’s 90th Precinct for block party logistics, like blocking the street, but we’ve confirmed that there will be NO POLICING inside the party. In lieu of police presence, we’re brainstorming what a Community Care Task Force looks like, made up of community members like you. You'll have an opportunity to write your ideas on down and sign up for future trainings.

Community Safety Definitions Kindness Party is for and by the people in our community. We control our neighborhood and we should take care to define what safety means to us. We will have a designated space for everyone to contribute to Community Safety Definitions that we will then publish and distribute via the zine.

This Is Community: Kindness Party Edition Zine We understand that it’s impossible for everyone to participate in Kindness Party, but we still want an opportunity to get to know all our neighbors. We’re asking community members to fill out a page for the zine that asks a few questions, like “What does community mean to you?” We also want to know the local businesses that support our community. At the party, we’ll have a list of the local businesses you can visit if you want good pizza, some fresh vintage clothes, a refreshing cocktail, etc. After Kindness Party, we’ll distribute the zine via VideoOut’s blog and email list to everyone who signs up at the designated space. If you fill out a page, we’ll feature you too!

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