Meet your neighbors. Celebrate kindness. Combat hatred.

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Saturday, October 14 | 11 am - 3 pm | Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Join us for a celebration of kindness!

Kindness Party is a chance to hang out with neighbors – it’s a block party. It’s an opportunity to meet the people in your community and reminisce with old friends. Most importantly, it’s an opportunity to celebrate kindness.

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Why kindness? Every day, we’re bombarded with so much meanness. The ugliness in the world is overwhelming. It’s true that being kind to someone is not going to cure all the problems we’re facing, but it’s a great place to start. Being kind may help you meet a new neighbor, or rekindle a relationship with a neighbor you’ve not spoken to in a while, and it may even mitigate some of the safety concerns in our neighborhoods.

Two important things to note are

  1. Kindness Party will be a POLICING FREE zone.
  2. Everything at Kindness Party is free!

Kindness Party will help us build a stronger local community. There will be plenty of time and space for you to be a part of the party without being part of the action. You can feel free to mingle or observe, but you can also participate.

Here's an explanation of all the party activities listed here:

  • Name Tags with Pronouns
  • Food and Drinks
  • Story Slam That Features You
  • Community Prompts
  • Dance Party
  • Humans of Kindness Party
  • Letter Writing to LGBTQ Folk in Prison
  • The Giveaways Table and The Kindness Pact
  • Fill the Street: A Sidewalk Chalk Challenge
  • Community Secrets
  • Neighbor Directory
  • In Order To Feel Safe Wall
  • Policing Free Community Care Task Force
  • Community Safety Definitions
  • This Is Community: Kindness Party Edition Zine
Hate crimes are on the rise, and 2016 was the deadliest year on record for LGBTQ people. These are real problems with complex solutions, but we are convinced that it starts by spreading kindness. (9).jpg
Hate crimes are on the rise, and 2016 was the deadliest year on record for LGBTQ people. These are real problems with complex solutions, but we are convinced that it starts by spreading kindness. (3).jpg

Who? Kindness Party is for everyone regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, orientation, identity, or creed. There's plenty to do, and everyone will find something that helps them spread some kindness!

What? A party to celebrate kindness. A moment with each neighbor. An increase in empathy for one another. Shake Shack will be scooping complimentary frozen custard and Whole Foods will be giving away all kinds of goodies. Don't miss it! We'll also have a give-away table. All you have to do is sign the Community Kindness Pact to enter. Your name could be drawn to win one of the awesome prizes! There will be some amazing activities, super cool artists, the most awesome performers, and some really rad ways to express yourself and help spread kindness in the community.

When? Saturday, October 14th. 11 am to 3 pm. Feel free to come early and stay late! This celebration is for you!

Where? The first Kindness Party is happening in Brooklyn. Come on over to Williamsburg and help us combat hatred! We'll be celebrating kindness on S 3rd Street between Bedford Avenue and Berry Street. Directions.

Why? We're interested in knowing how each person defines community, and what each person needs in order to feel safe, represented, and heard in their community. Our hope is that by knowing our neighbors, we can mitigate the rise in hate crimes and the safety concerns that affect us. In planning this event, we want to center the needs of vulnerable populations. As people across the community will be invited to Kindness Party, we want to design this event with People of Color and our LGBTQ siblings in mind. We want everyone to have a chance to get to know their neighbors. This is a small but powerful way to combat hatred, spread kindness, and continue building a community we can all be happy to call home!

Event Partners


When we asked, you said you needed hygiene products. So we partnered with Walgreens and Duane Reade who will be providing complimentary products as well as free blood pressure testing and consultations. Products are provided on a first come, first served basis, so come early and don't miss out! There will be two pharmacists on site to answer your questions and to administer complimentary blood pressure testing.  Plus don’t forget to ask one of the Pharmacists about getting your flu shot at Duane Reade, conveniently located just a few steps away from our event. A huge thank you to Walgreens and Duane Reade for their generosity.


Organizing Committee

Anooj Bhandari, Ethel Felix, Alex Gobo, Michelle Lopez, Corey Mohr, Jordan Reeves, Rhea Smith