Yuhua Hamasaki knows that to get through life, you have to love yourself. It took her a long time to learn some really important lessons, but her best advice is that your happiness should always come first.

Yuhua is best known for competing on the tenth season of RuPaul's Drag Race. New York magazine named her one of the top 100 Most Powerful Drag Queens in America in June 2019. Yuhua's story was filmed at #AscendWithPride in partnership with with FDR Four Freedoms State Park.

I think everybody’s coming out story is different. You know, people say, ‘Oh, you should come out, you should come out - you’re going to live more truthfully and authentically as a person.’ But I think that people should come out whenever they’re ready. Come out whenever you’re ready, however you want... everybody’s journey is different.
— Yuhua Hamasaki