Will grew up in Los Angeles, but has lived in NYC for more than three decades. A seasoned activist, Will has lots of advice - but more than that, he has stories of his own queerness that he shared for the very first time with VideoOut.

You could be weird, a little bit. So that was good. But that was - you know, 50 years ago was Stonewall - and even though I was from the east side of LA and then Hollywood, you would think it was okay to grow up queer, it wasn’t. No. It really wasn’t. It would be a mistake to think that... I remember as a really small kid that there was something about men that had a special pull to me. In movies... And I knew it was not what I was supposed to be feeling... That’s as far back as I can remember... Then, it was very difficult to peel that onion. It really was! I mean, I never even thought about this, but I fooled around with the neighbor - even just saying fooled around is to trivialize it - but I never thought of that as ‘When was the first time you had sex?’ but it was... Even then I wasn’t clear this is who I was, but it was... To simply summarize it, ‘You are a gay man’ - that took much longer. And it’s still going on today!
— Will Berger