Make no mistake, Sundeep, also known as King Sunny B, is proud to be gay. He’s also proud to be Sikh and South Asian. And he’s proud to be American - the kind of United States citizen that accepts people for who they are and pursues love and equality. That’s why King Sunny B is taking social media by storm. He wants everyone to know - especially if you’re Sikh, South Asian, and LGBTQ - that you are important. You matter, and you are loved!

“I’m born and raised in Queens, NY. I lived here my entire life. I attended gradeshcool here, junior high and high school. And growing up it was quite a struggle. Definitely was someone that was not quote unquote normal. They used to call me a flamingo. Now they call me a unicorn because they realize there’s no one like me.”

“I’m born to South Asian, very conservative, religious parents. My mom ended up becoming a single mother because my dad walked out on us. That in itself was taboo within the South Asian culture. I’m actually Punjabi. I’m Sikh. I’m a Sikh-American. Any of you Sikhs out there, I’m sure you can understand that growing up and having a single mom, that can be taboo within our culture and society. You know, it’s less about the religion and more about culture and society that dictate the way of living. I used to wear a turban. I have very long hair. And navigating NYC is not very easy. Especially when you talk about fitting in. Kind of being ‘one of the kids,’ or ‘one of the boys.’ Everyone looked at me…didn’t understand me as much. I was bullied in high school…I was even spit on at one time. Just different things. I didn’t quite understand why that was happening to me. People would tell me, ‘Oh! You’re gay!’ Or they would call me the F-word. And I myself at that time would think, ‘Why are these people telling me that I’m gay?’ Growing up was definitely a struggle. I’m still a New York resident, you know, still navigating and maneuvering this city is still a struggle. I still get the eyes, or people stare at me when I walk down the street… People are curious to know what background I am or where I come from. People confuse me as Middle Eastern or Spanish. And I’m like, ‘No! I’m Sikh. It’s a thing. Google it.’ So that’s me. King Sunny B!”