One of my earliest memories as a child is I would walk on my tippy toes because I wanted to be a princess. I guess I was trying to mimick high heels, and my mother didn’t have any. She had penny loafers. I would put a tshirt on and put a belt in the middle and paint my nails with my crayola markers. One day - my dad was always playing music and dancing in the living room - he said, ‘Let’s dance!’ So I went to my room to get ready, and my dad found me. He spanked the f*ck out of me. ‘Never do that again!’”

”My mother always told me that when you fell in love that you have a friend, and that you’d be their best frind and all of a sudden, you’d fall in love. So I just thought that I hadn’t found the right girl. And I would date my friends that were girls, thinking that one day it would just snap and I’d be in love. And it just didn’t happen...It was my sophomore year when something just said, ‘Alright, man. You’re gay. But you can’t tell anybody.’”

“There were like two people in my school that were gay, and they were treated like hell, so I wasn’t about to include myself in that.
— Michael David Reyes