June is Pride month, which didn’t start at Stonewall, but was undeniably catalyzed by what happened there!

Martin Boyce was a 19 year old street kid when the Stonewall Uprising occurred. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the uprising, and we have come quite a long way. Now, in most places in the US, LGBTQ+ bars are no longer raided by police.

In his VideoOut story, Martin tells about the time he came out to his grandmother. "She looked like she just stepped off of an olive oil can." It's funny, and a sweet reminder that oftentimes, coming out isn't traumatic. But Boyce was (and still is) a fighter.

Speaking about the fight for equality on the day that the Stonewall Inn was preserved as a National Monument, Martin said, "It was brutal, but necessary. I’m glad I lived to see this. This is what we fought for, and we won our battle.” The Stonewall Riots were the culmination of the queer community's battle for equality. An event that catapulted the movement into a new era.

We still have a lot to do, which is certainly why Martin has talked quite a bit about what happened in 1969. We’re so glad he shared some of his personal story with us.