In elementary school, I was always more interested in hanging out with girls. I mean, I was raised with three older sisters and my dad was always working. So I was always around females in my family. So I was socialized a little bit more femenine... I think when I was around 9 or 10, I started to realize that my male best friends were kinda stirring a little bit more of the feelings in me that were not necessarily platonic. I don’t think I really knew what the word for that feeling was when I was that young. The language to describe what I was feeling was presented to me - I think I met someone who identified as gay - but I think even so, I knew I was attracted to men... There’s been a lot of development since then that have opened my mind as far as my own gender identity, but back then, I mean, sure. I was thinking, ‘Maybe I’m gay.’ I think I struggled with identifying as such because I grew up in a pretty traditional Mexican religious household.
— Héctor Ruiz