I start my story pretty rough. I had a lot of abuse and neglect from my biological parents. I think my father knew I was trans before I did. He had a big issue with it, and punished me quite a bit. And I pushed it way down. But my sexuality piece - I was attracted to men - was always there. After bouncing around in foster homes and other things, I got adopted into a family that didn’t know any of that. So here I am with a lot of rough things going on in Colorado, like this amendment 2, which was pretty much a license to discriminate, and it was hard. And just around the time I’m ready to come out, I may have even told my parents that I was gay - little did I know - but, it was right around the time that Matthew Shepard was murdered. And so that was really rough on the family and wondering what was going to happen to me. So I kinda danced in and out of the closet for several years, and they were sending me to counselors to make sure it wasn’t because of the abuse, and stuff like that.
— Grace Balzar

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