“My name is Edafe Okporo. I’m from Nigeria originally. I left Nigeria in 2016 because my life was in danger because of my sexual orientation.” In 2014, a Nigerian law was passed that criminalized same-sex relationships with 14 years in prison. “People would be like, ‘Why are you carrying that bag? Are you a woman? Why are you walking into that office? Are you gay?’ It was difficult to walk in the streets because people knew that I was one of those fighting to get gay men access to treatment. I tried to meet somebody on a gay dating app, and the guy pretended as if he was gay. When I came to the place, they robbed me, they beat me, they took everything I had. They told me to run and don’t look back. And that if I ever made a sound or report them, they were going to turn me over to the police. So, I couldn’t go to the police. Instead, I ran into hiding. I said I was never going to meet any gay person anymore. I was going to pretend that I wasn’t gay. That I wasn’t a member of this community. I took me three months to come to my senses and say, ‘Running away from who I am is not going to solve any problems.”