Probably I was about 12 years old when I said it out loud, but I never really thought about it, but I remember telling my mom, ‘I’m not gonna just date men. I’m have no interest in gender. It’s more about the connection I have with the person.’ I don’t really think she reacted to it. She was just like, ‘Okay!’ My dad was also always very supportive...He was always like, ‘If there’s something you need to tell me, you can.’ But I never really - it doesn’t really matter to me if I was dating a boy or a girl, I would just bring someone home regardless...I really like my eternal optimism. No matter what happens, or has happened, that hasn’t gone necessarily the way I wanted it to, I always come through. And I always find a way to make a situation work to my benefit. A lot of that has to do with the supportive community of friends and family that I have. But also, I’m realizing - the more it keeps happening - that if something doesn’t go right, I have to have the attitude to make it better. Otherwise, it won’t be, even if I do have supportive people.
— Becki Pine