VideoOut exists to amplify the voices of LGBTQ people. 

The LGBTQ community is diverse, layered with color, imagination, compassion, and activism. To amplify LGBTQ voices is to enrich society's heritage, and to silence them is to risk losing the things LGBTQ people think, say, and do. LGBTQ contributions are monumentally important and are a vital part of our shared human narrative.

Two years ago, 2016 broke the record for the deadliest year on record for the LGBTQ community. That record was broken again in 2017. LGBTQ voices are being silenced because of deadly violence.

The LGBTQ community is in danger of losing its visibility thanks to the discriminatory and regressive policy moves sweeping the country. This isn't a new trend. In modern times, LGBTQ voices have been undercut by denial and underrepresentation. That's why VideoOut is committed to magnifying real voices, especially those most at risk.

Harvey Milk said that coming out is the best way to destroy the lies and dispel the myths that surround the LGBTQ community. Therefore, VideoOut is building the largest library of coming-out stories anywhere in the world. We strongly believe that every story creates empathy, and that empathy can be wielded as a powerful tool for advocacy, awareness, and education.

VideoOut's digital platform enables LGBTQ people to share their stories in their own voice, unedited by external factors, ensuring that authentic experiences are recorded and shared. These stories serve as a resource for those just starting their coming-out journey, inspiring people to share their own experince. They also affirm the work of LGBTQ people who have been fighting the ancient battle for equality. Lastly, and most importantly, VideoOut stories build bridges of empathy between LGBTQ people and everyone else.

In summary, LGBTQ voices are marginalized and undervalued, leading to a consistent rise in deadly hate crimes. In the next year, VideoOut will amplify 1,000 voices by traveling around the United States sharing coming-out stories that help LGBTQ people feel connected to each other and empowered to live as their truest selves.

One story is important, several are powerful, and all of our stories together are an unstoppable collective that says, "We are LGBTQ, and we deserve equality!"

Contact us. We love hearing from you, and we can't do this without you.

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