Our mission is to amplify the voice of the LGBTQ community. We ensure that all stories are heard, regardless of identity, gender, orientation, age, race, ethnicity, HIV/AIDS, or socioeconomic background.

To make sure our voices are heard, we are:

  1. Building the world's largest library of coming out and ally support stories,
  2. Highlighting the diversity of writers and the spectrum of interests in the LGBTQ community,
  3. Hosting an annual summit that gathers leading change makers to solve the systemic challenges facing LGBTQ people.

One story is important, several are powerful, and all of our stories together are an unstoppable collective that says, "We are LGBTQ, and we deserve equality!"

Contact us. We love hearing from you, and we can't do this without you.

What do we hope for VideoOut?

We hope that VideoOut has a deep, meaningful impact.

We realize that there are lonely, depressed, ostracized, and even suicidal individuals that need a digital hub to find exemplary stories and a place where they can share their own truth.  We hope these coming out and ally support videos give hope to everyone in the LGBTQ community.  We hope that each story will find it's way to the eyes and ears of individuals who need a connection with an LGBTQ peer – somebody with a similar story – and we hope that connection inspires and encourages.

We hope that VideoOut is a meeting place for LGBTQ people no matter where they are on their journey, and that the VideoOut blog provides a space where their ideas are explored.

We hope that VideoOut highlights the positive trends occurring in the world that affect the LGBTQ community. We also hope it provides a careful point of view on how to tackle and overcome the challenges that the community faces.  

We hope VideoOut empowers the LGBTQ community to make wise decisions that further LGBTQ causes in perpetuity.

More than anything, we hope that VideoOut is more than a human interest platform.  We hope that it meets a vital need that so many people have as they live their journey as LGBTQ people.